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Golf is an individual sport that most often requires us to be our own coach. Understanding impact and how to improve allows you to be a smarter coach for yourself, or your students, resulting in better play. The World's best golf professionals are learning and utilizing this cutting edge information that covers everything from swing technique to club fitting to health and fitness. is your team of pioneers and experts who have been identified as "best practitioners" in golf instruction, fitness and medical fields.

"If there is one absolute in the golf swing, it is the
moment of truth...IMPACT

Dr. Gary Wiren, PGA Hall of Fame instructor, author and innovator


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Do you know what perfect swing path, face angle at impact, angle of attack, contact, speed and the 17 ball flight directional possibilities are?

Do you know what your impact averages are with each club?

Are you using the best video instruction and precise golf club and ball measuring devices available to improve your students and your own game?



The definitive teacher and student guide to learning golfs fundamentals the fastest!
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