Professional Overview


Kirk Jones is a true pioneer and leader in modern fundamental golf instruction. Kirk’s accomplishments include improving from an 18+ handicap to scratch golfer and Junior All-American in one year, being named as an NCAA All-star team member (1982), and winning professional events in 5 consecutive decades. Kirk has studied under, been influenced by, and teamed with a long list of many of the world’s best instructors spanning 3 generations of golf. He has given more than 50,000 hours of instruction over the past 38 years.

Kirk is uncanny at crafting fundamental golf technique to be appropriate for students of all ages, genders, shapes, sizes and disabilities. Kirk has contributed a DVD and two important books aimed at instructors and students alike. His works comprehensively define, prioritize and update proper fundamental instruction with the fantastic new equipment and technologies. These offerings are clear documentation of Kirk’s leadership in fundamental instruction and pave the way for dramatically improving both the teacher and the student. His new book and teaching model breathe new life into a game considered by many to be too difficult and time consuming to learn. Come learn for yourself, why this perception is not truth!