DVD- Produced in 2006, a comprehensive approach to learning with some pioneering content. Visual feedback you can follow and a great “Summary of Skills”. This DVD provides proof of Kirk’s pioneering spirit, some of his important discoveries and lack of acting experience (LOL).

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The Fundamental Golf Swing 2013

This book is the modern teaching and learning manual that the PGA is currently lacking. This is a comprehensive text, rich in content for the intermediate to advanced students and golf instructors. Expanding upon the collective minds of 100’s of the top teachers of the last century, Kirk has brilliantly bridged the gap between the best of “old school” fundamental teachings and the modern game fundamental teachings, using the latest measuring tools and technology.

This is the first book to purely and comprehensively define fundamental laws and principles and to identify “the numbers” of perfect impact with all clubs and shot skills! Employees of National PGA education have said this book is A MUST READ for all PGA members who teach golf for a living.

Golf Fundamentals “A guide to successfully learning to play and enjoy the sport”

This is a brilliant piece of work that is an easy read. Between the pages are the “how to’s” of learning the swing and various shot skills from beginner to the most advanced levels. The unique book reveals the issues plaguing the industry and the opportunities for growing the game of golf. The beginner and teaching models have been produced as a means to improve teaching standards and as a catalyst for growth. This book has many pictures and is an easy to follow, logical and wildly effective learning model for the ages, for all ages and skill levels.

In this book, Kirk hits the nail on the head by revealing two crucial needs in the golf industry. The first step in the solution is a “golf dictionary” of important golf terminology. Nearly every golfer and even professional players and instructors are fed up with the confusing and conflicting use of golf terminology. This book of universal golf language should be distributed by the USGA (as part of the rule book?), the PGA and/or Golf Channel Academy to all teachers, beginners and existing golfers. We must all know and speak the same language in order to effectively communicate and thus, teach and learn better! The second step is to simply provide a standard and model of teaching beginners that is scientifically proven to attract, hook and create more active participants. Kirk’s new book can be used as a template for these solutions!