Kirk is committed to growing participation of the young adults or the group referred to as “Millennials”. He feels strongly that this is a most neglected, yet important area of focus for the future growth of the game. Learn about new programs designed for College students, young couples and entrepreneurs. On the other end of the spectrum our retirees and senior golfers need a coach sensitive to the challenges of aging and inevitable losses of mobility and club speed (distance). Kirk can help you to “reverse the curse” of aging, or at minimum stave off the loss of distance and the erosion of skills. Kirk proves time and time again that old dogs can learn new tricks (at least in golf)!

Kirk’s personalized private instruction sessions are an opportunity for you to get what you need. He is an expert in dealing with pre-existing swing flaws and physical limitations. Supervised practice sessions are available and provide the tools to improve while learning great practice techniques in a casual setting. Private hourly instruction and 1/2 or full day options are available (for up to 3 players).

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