Beginner to Winner program- We introduce a logical progression of learning the golf language and fundamental shot skill development. Guaranteed to be the best, most effective way to begin and optimize your lifelong golf journey!

Kirk’s new teaching model and book is specifically and uniquely designed to educate, train and optimize the beginner’s performance quickly! The new book, Golf Fundamentals “A guide to successfully learning to play and enjoy the sport”, sets the standard as an easy to follow template for hooking golfers fast. The “beginner model” is a logical progression that has one hitting “euphoric golf shots” very early in the learning process.

Typically, a new golfer is instructed or self educates in a manner that will attempt to circumvent a logical and effective learning progression. The normal beginners approach is a recipe for frustration, developing bad habits and slow progression. The growth of the game of golf is suffering due to poor retention of beginners and infrequent golfers. These grim statistics are a result of a tragically flawed and inconsistent teaching and learning process.

We should be born into or begin golf, much like you began life. First, becoming aware of your surroundings (open your eyes), then learn to crawl, stand, walk and then run while learning to speak the native tongue and abide by societies rules. Parents have the responsibility to teach newborns basic language, safety and life skills. Similarly, the golf teacher is entrusted with teaching the language and giving the advice, tools and techniques necessary for you to succeed in your “golf life”. Kirk’s beginner model leads the beginner on their journey in a logical progression based on these basic life principles. We strive to have all of our beginners actively playing decent golf (sometimes very good), in the first year. If you had to go for an important medical procedure you would want the most experienced Doctor, with the best track record for success. Treat your “golf life” the same, put it in the hands of Kirk.

Kirk will introduce you to a new “golf dictionary” of important “golf language”. You will also learn USGA rules and alternative “relaxed rules”. Relaxed rules will allow the beginner and struggling golfer to be less intimidated, play fast and have more fun!

Whether winning (achieving goals) means just having fun, learning a new shot skill, hitting the driver longer and straighter, becoming a professional player, or breaking 100, 90, 80,70 or 60, Kirk can help you to attain your golf goals.

Start now by signing up for private lessons and/or our “new golfer” program today!

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