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Kirk knows as well as anyone that there exists a very fine line between champ and chump. Because golf is such a game of precision, a simple thought, tweak, or fresh understanding can be the impetus to saving one to three strokes per round. This is usually the difference between missing the cut and holding the trophy! Kirk provides logical and practical stroke saving fundamental instruction. Also, learn from Kirk’s impressive team of pioneers in fitness, nutrition, psychology and legal supplementation. His team of “Smartgolfcoaches” is acutely aware that most golf is played and learned in solitude.

Why Kirk?

Impacted three generations of professionals golfers, Champions Tour veterans, and top 100 list golf instructors. His shot making skills, swing, practice drills and teaching techniques have been copied by numerous top players and coaches. Kirk is a pioneer of impact science and very possibly the first to identify and reveal the “numbers” of perfect impact with all clubs and shot skills. This is the “sweet spot” of perfect impact which provides the largest margin for error and is the easiest to adapt to all shot skills. Learning and understanding the practical applications of Flightscope and Trackman data to improve and maintain performance is a huge advantage. Kirk would love to teach you how to further benefit from these fantastic tools.
In addition, Kirk is capable of performing the most advanced relevant, stroke saving shot skills ever seen and taught. Some of these skills he teaches will save strokes in situations that have never been successfully performed during a televised event (by Kirk’s standards). These “advanced shot skills” are used when most professionals will be taking “unplayable lie” penalties. Imagine being a right handed golfer and being able to hit a 7 iron turned upside down left handed 140 yards onto the green, when a tree or bulkhead prevents the normal right handed swing? How about being under a tree or bush and not having a swing? When the top player takes the penalty, Kirk may hit it close from the same position. Imagine hitting a shot from an “unplayable lie” up to 220 yards (or more) on target while kneeling? How about the left handed upside down 7 iron while kneeling up to 130 yards (or more)?
These seemingly impossible shots are very possible. Kirk can execute these shot skills routinely, and show “how to” as well. A simple truth Kirk likes to quote is “you don’t know what you don’t know”. He can teach you how to make the impossible become possible and the easy shots, easier. Your forever, “highlight reel winning shot” is waiting to be learned!

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